Outdoor exercise for your relaxation

Do you want to experience what it is like to exercise for your relaxation? With Slow Sports, the focus is not on performance but on relaxation and enjoying movement within your personal physical limits. You can explore and expand your boundaries during the lessons, but always at your own pace. You enjoy working on improving body condition and health! Look below for the different types of Slow Sports offered by Focus op Leefstijl.

Slow Sports

Slow Sports

Slow Sports lessons take place outdoors and consist of a combination of running (jogging and / or walking) and exercises focused on strength, agility and balance. All exercises are offered at different levels. Therefore the lessons are suitable for the absolute beginner to the moderately advanced.

You will experience fun improving your physical condition and health! We also focus on breathing and relaxation exercises that can be applied to your daily life.

Wednesday 09.00 - 10.15
Saturday 09.00 - 10.15

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Next to Slow Sports, the Slow Jog course is offered. By following this course it is possible to start running (jogging) as a real beginner. Slow Jog is an 8-week course (1 lesson per week of 75 minutes).

  • in which you can slowly build up - injury-free - jogging;
  • in which you learn to control your breathing;
  • with walking tips & tricks;
  • expert guidance;
  • in a small group, so with sufficient personal attention;
  • in which you learn to ENJOY jogging and no performance needs to be delivered!

Slow Jog is suitable for you if any other attempt to jog or run has failed or you would never dare to start! Interested in the course Slow Jog? Inquire about the dates on which the next course will be offered.

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For the lessons the following rates apply (including 21% VAT):

  • Trial lesson Slow Sports: FOR FREE
  • Slow Sports per lesson: 7,50 euro
  • Slow Sports 10 lesson card (valid for 6 months)*: 65 euro
  • Slow Jog (course): 80 euro

*You pay for 10 lessons.

Slow Sports is developed by Désirée Smits. Slow Sports is practiced in multiple locations in the Netherlands. For all locations and certified trainers check slowsports.nl